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ADVAGEN PHARMA Ltd. requires returns by authorized wholesaler or distributor for products under labeler code 72888 to be through our authorized returns processor, Inmar.

   1. Returnable Items 

      The following products purchased in the US are returnable for returned goods credit consideration with prior approval:

  A.  Short-dated merchandise, in the original manufacturer’s container/packaging and bearing the original                  

        manufacturer’s label, within three (3) months of the expiration date printed on each product.                

  B.  Expired merchandise, in the original manufacturer’s container/packaging and bearing the original manufacturer’s                   label, up to twelve (12) months beyond the expiration date printed on each product

  C.  Discontinued, withdrawn, or recalled merchandise.

  D.  To be reported to Customer Service Department at for below:

       a.  Product shipped directly that is damaged in transit, subject to FOB terms, if reported as above within seventy-                          two (72) hours of receipt and returned within thirty (30) days, if accompanied by signed bill of lading noting                                damage.
      b.  Concealed damage claims made within ten (10) days of receipt to customer service
      c.  Product received in Error reported as above within 48 hours of receipt. Customer Service will issue specific                               instructions on returning Product. Credit shall be within parameters given by Advagen’s customer service team

     2. Non-Returnable Items

      All products other than those listed above shall be deemed non-returnable. Non-returnable products include, without 

  A.  Products with more than three (3) months expiration dating remaining

  B.  Products dated more than twelve (12) months beyond the expiration date
  C.  Products that have been discontinued for more than one (1) year.
  D.  Private label products and/or Repackaged product
  E.  Product sold on “non-returnable” terms. Ex. Short Dated, Promotional- Sample/Donation, One Time Buys
  F.  Products purchased or distributed in violation of any federal, state, or local law or regulation.
  G.  Products not purchased directly from Advagen or authorized wholesaler
  H.  Returns of excess inventory resulting from inadequate customer inventory Controls
  I.   Products damaged or deteriorated due to conditions beyond manufacturer control, such as improper storage or 

      handling (heat, stored under improper conditions or exposed to fire, smoke or water).          
  J.  Partials except for customers located in the States that regulate returned goods (GA, NC, and MS). Partial goods

     include broken safety seals either inside or outside of each package/container.
  K.  Products destroyed off-site or otherwise that have not been returned as per policy
  L.  Products not in original sealed container
  M.  Products involved in destressed, sacrifice, fire, or bankruptcy sale.
  N.  Products with stickers marked, coded, dates, damaged, soiled or adulterated in any way
  O.  Products received more than sixty (60) days from date of Return Authorization or Products received not aligned
       with terms 1.D.a/b/c 

    3.  Procedure for Returning Items:

    Request for Return Authorizations (box labels) can be made by any of the below methods:
  1.  Accessing the Inmar website at (you will need to upload a PDF copy of your
       debit memo)

  2.  Email your debit memo to Be sure to include NDC#, lot#, and expiration dates assigned to each             item.
  3.  Fax your debit memo to Inmar at 817-868-5343 Upon receipt of a box label, actual returns are to be forwarded to the               processing facility at the following location'

Advagen Pharma Lt
c/o Inmar Rx Solutions Inc
3845 Grand Lakes Way
Suite 125
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

    For assistance with the return process, contact Inmar Customer Service at 1-800-967-5952. Hours: Monday through                Friday 8am – 5pm ET.
  4.  RGA must accompany the shipment. RGA is valid for 60 days from issuance. All Packages in the shipment must                        include RGA number and Debit memo number

    4. Issuance of Credit

      All returns shall be made in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. AdvaGen Pharma Ltd.        products returned outside these policy guidelines will not be returned and no credit will be issued.

  A.  For direct customers, the lowest invoice price over the last 24 months or the current published price at the time of                return will be credited.
  B.  For indirect customers, lower of the current published price at the time of return OR the lowest contract price over                 the last 24 months will be credited.
  C. Reimbursement will be made in the form of a credit memo applied to customer’s current account balance or future                purchases. Credits will be issued to direct accounts only. Indirect customers such as retail and hospital pharmacies                will receive credit through their servicing wholesaler.
  D.  Credit will not be issued and charges/deductions for administrative, handling, or freight/insurance charges                               associated with the return of product to AdvaGen Pharma Ltd. will not be accepted
  E.  Credit or reimbursement will not be issued for product destroyed by customer or third parties.
  F.  AdvaGen Pharma Ltd. reserves the right to destroy, without recourse, all unauthorized merchandise returned.
  G.  Credit will not be extended when the intent is to temporarily reduce inventory.


    Third party processors must return products to Inmar facility and comply with all terms and conditions of this Policy in          addition to following:
  A.  Provide a copy of all reverse distributor licenses. Any unlicensed returns processor is not authorized to handle                        AdvaGen Pharma Products.
  B.  Any service fees to the customer or processing agent for the miscellaneous fees (i.e., handling, processing fees) or                 freight charges incurred shall not be reimbursed.
  C.  Returns shall not be processed using pricing from the third party's internally generated price list.

Returned Goods Policy is subject to change.

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