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Our Story

Established in 2017, AdvaGen Pharma is an integrated specialty pharmaceutical company, focused on providing innovative solutions for patients, customers, and partners by developing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality Specialty, Generic and OTC products.

AdvaGen Pharma supplies products across Tablets, Capsules, Powders, Oral liquids (Solutions and Suspensions), and Nasal Sprays. AdvaGen also caters to niche and high-barrier opportunities across medical devices and drug-device combinations.

AdvaGen’s manufacturing network consists of sites across North America, Europe and India. AdvaGen’s reliability of supply is based on a construct of own manufacturing sites catering to over 70% of our products; as well as a combination of carefully qualified contract manufacturing sites which are known for high quality products and on-time supply. Our focus on supply chain is end-to-end starting from procurement of materials to last mile delivery of products across the country to our customers.

The name AdvaGen is a combination of the words ‘ADVAnced GENerics’ and we believe that we are firmly on our way to establishing our mission through our rapidly expanding product portfolio, innovations that fulfil unmet medical needs, and by enabling smarter health care delivery. 

AdvaGen Pharma is headquartered in East Windsor, New Jersey. 

  • 50+ products available over 250+ SKU’s

  • 22 new launches in 2023

  • 15+ launches planned in 2024

  • 50 states distribution presence 

  • Wholesaler and hospital channel sales 

  • 3 Bn+ extended units run rate during current distribution for approved products in 2023

About Our Parent Company Rubicon Research

Rubicon Research is an IP led, specialty pharmaceutical company focused on a mission to provide innovative yet affordable patient-centered products and solutions to address unmet needs around the world. We leverage our proprietary technologies and specialized formulation development skills to provide solutions to complex delivery challenges, enabling better patient outcomes.

Our portfolio spans multiple dosage forms, including oral solids, oral liquids, nasal, ophthalmic, injectable, topical, drug device combinations and fixed-dose combinations. We hold more than 50+ issued patents in drug delivery technologies, and have launched over 300 SKUs, with over 4 billion extended units sold in the US. In the pipeline are 10 approvals and launches. Additionally, there are more than 50 products in development and 20+ filed products under review with the US FDA.

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