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Collaboration is at the core of AdvaGen’s vision to become one of the top 10 generic companies in the US in the next five years. We are driven to make a holistic impact on patients’ health worldwide and are in search of strategically aligned partners to expand our diverse portfolio of generic and branded products. 

We have deep expertise in developing generic and complex products and have an aggressive pipeline, with over 90 products in development, to ensure a steady stream of new products in the US market. A market-driven company, we have a strong focus on customer service and commercialization excellence, while providing quality products that benefit patients, clinicians, and other stakeholders in the healthcare system. 

Why partner with us?
With an experienced leadership team, AdvaGen’s products are marketed across multiple channels, such as wholesalers, specialty pharmacies, retailers, mail order pharmacies, long-term care, online pharmacies, and hospitals across the US. 

Partnering with AdvaGen will provide your program a distinct advantage in the marketplace with a ready platform for sales and distribution, transparent in-house accounting through SAP-based systems and robust safety and pharmacovigilance reporting.

Our commercial platform provides a detailed go-to-market strategy for each SKU, including pricing and sales forecasts, marketing materials for specialty products, market dynamics for supply opportunities, and robust gross to net accounting visibility. 

AdvaGen is committed to be recognized as a reliable supplier with a transparent sales and marketing platform for our partners. 

AdvaGen intends to build new relationships and develop robust alliances with manufacturing and marketing organizations across North America. For more information on partnership opportunities please email us at

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